Ottobre 6, 2017


The Company

Se.Te.L., a limited private company located in Rome, Italy, since 47 years operates in the Integrated Logistic Support engineering field. The company supports the Italian customers by providing  a wide range of services, IT products and consultancy suitably integrated to ensure the best operational availability of both defense and civilian systems.

The Mission

In the Logistic Support engineering field, Se.Te.L.’s  global skills and capabilities represent  for the market an effective resource for design and development of technical and logistics support solutions through the integration of know-how, methodologies, products and services.



Company outline

  • Established in 1973 to operate in the logistic support field
  • Limited, private partnership logistic engineering consultancy
  • Located in Rome, premises are part of the Company properties (500
  • Staff of manpower qualified to University degree or equivalent

More than 45 years of tradition, innovation, continuity and evolution


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