Ottobre 6, 2017



Se.Te.L., a limited private company located in Rome, Italy, since 47 years operates in the Integrated Logistic Support engineering field. The company supports the Italian customers by providing  a wide range of services, IT products and consultancy suitably integrated to ensure the best operational availability of both defense and civilian systems.


In the Logistic Support engineering field, Se.Te.L.’s  global skills and capabilities represent  for the market an effective resource for design and development of technical and logistics support solutions through the integration of know-how, methodologies, products and services.


Established in 1973 to operate in the logistic support field

Limited, private partnership logistic engineering consultancy

Located in Rome, premises are part of the Company properties (500

Staff of manpower qualified to University degree or equivalent


SeTeL is a Group consisting of three companies SeTeL, SiTiN and DEF-TECH.

Se.Te.L. (Group Leader): coordinates development, marketing, commercial and technical strategies. The main asset is the provision of ILS – Integrated Logistic Support activities such as R&M, Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), supply support services and products, Safety Analysis; it also operates as a software house guaranteeing the full autonomy of SeTeL in the design, development and quality control of ICT applications, that the company realizes both as a support for its activities and as high-end technology products to be proposed to the market. SeTeL owns 20% of SiTiN.

SiTiN: is the Group Company that develops innovative services and products in the field of engineering technical documentation and of technological training. In particular: 

  • Computerized document systems (XML, SGML, HTML) compliant with international standards; SiTiN is able to design, draw up and produce an extremely wide range of documentation: operational-maintenance technical manuals; catalogues with illustrated parts; technical and project specifications; documentation for bids, etc.
  • Development of technical training on procedures, techniques and processes applied to complex systems. In cooperation with SeTeL, carries out both traditional training processes (theoretical-practical courses for operators and maintainers, training on the job, etc.) and Technology Based Training activities; among the solutions that can be developed:
    •  Interactive simulators
    • CBT multimedia courses
    • E-learning systems compliant with international standard (SCORM, IACC)
    • Training courses for specialist resources to be included in the fields of Document Engineering, Logistics and Training

DEFT-TECH: founded by SeTeL’s R&D Group, specialized in the research and development of innovative solutions both in the traditional core activities and, taking advantage of the systemic expertise accumulated by the group over 47 years of activities on complex systems. Over the years, the company has developed several projects in different areas such as:

  • Controls, Monitoring and Measures.
  • Microsensors.
  • Inflatable systems. 
  • 3D Hybrid microelectronics. 
  • Stretching Sensors.
  • Actuators based on shape memory alloys.
  • Robotic systems.
  • Components in composite material (damage assessment).



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