Marzo 17, 2020

Autonomic Logistics

Research Agreement for autonomic logistics

In the last 8 years SeTeL has developed an intense relationship with the Faculty of Sciences of Rome 3, stimulating a lot of master thesis and scientific publications on Autonomic Logistic and on ASD 3000 L.

It is a research area that applies to complex systems such as: satellite systems, railway systems, large plants already equipped with sensors for temperature, vibration, pressures, electric and magnetic fields etc. with current technology they provide indications of the overall status with indications of the type ok-not ok. Maintaining systems in efficiency is therefore traditionally regulated by static, human-guided maintenance plans, even if supported by a computer.

An innovative method is to equip individual components with specialized microsensors, able to assess the expected performance related to the specific mode in progress.

The Autonomous Logistic, unlike traditional structures, aims to assess the state of degradation of each individual parameter and their whole in order to be able to determine the remaining life related not only to the overt failure (already detectable with the systems degradation of the set of parameters. On this goal SeTeL is able to pour a significant “tesauro” of experience.

The development of Autonomic Logistics policies and devices, enables continuous surveillance of the real-time health of components, reducing the risks of unexpected events and shifting maintenance activities “on condition” with obvious improvements safety, service availability and business cost-effectiveness.