Aprile 24, 2020

SCAMP Project

Title: SCAMP (Smart Components via AM – Additive Manufacturing – polymeric)
Duration: 18 months + 3
Expected start date: April 2018
Expected end date: 31/01/2020

  • Leading Company: Thales Alenia Space Italia
  • Partners: SeTeL s.r.l. – HB Technology s.r.l. – Dragonfly s.r.l.
  • University and Research Organisms:  University of Rome Tor Vergata Department of Engineering of the “Mario Lucertini” Company and The National Research Council – Institute for the study of nanostructured materials – ISMN.


The project aims to create a significant tertiary structure of nanosatellite, made of innovative polymeric/nanocomposite material using AM techniques and integrating materials, nanotechnologies, microelectronics and Advanced Manufacturing in the same structure.

Se.Te.L. role

The role of SeTeL is to correlate the reliability of the product by monitoring, tracing and post processing the AM production data, collected by multispectral and IMU sensors.

Thermal image captured during a test print

Project budget:

The project is co-financed by funds of the POR-FESR 2014/2020 of the Lazio Region, Call for Kets Technologies Enabling


Click here to see a presentation of SCAMP