10 Ottobre, 2017

OPUS Suite ®

Since 2006, Se.Te.L. is the Opus Suite® exclusive Italian VAR (Value Added Reseller), providing to the users as well training courses, both basic and advanced, and specialized consultancy.

Since 40 years, the Opus Suite® software tools are designed, developed , upgraded, distributed and assisted in all over the world by SYSTECON AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Opus Suite® takes control over both performances and cost and optimizes spare parts assortments, maintenance solutions and resources availability with the aim to get decision support during organizational changes or acquisitions.

Opus Suite has been developed to support you in finding the right balance between operational performance and total ownership cost of your technical systems over their life cycle.

Opus Suite consists of three integrated products; OPUS10SIMLOX and CATLOC. Together, they give you the ability to predict and analyze the performance and costs of your technical systems and their support solution from a life cycle perspective, both from a high-level system pespective and with a detailed in-depth view. Opus Suite supports your decision-making with regards to requirements specification, acquisition of systems, design of logistic support solution, investment in logistic support resources and spares, or just continuous improvements of efficiency and operations.

Opus Suite is the world leading toolset in its field, and it is being used by leading companies and government authorities all over the world. We are proud to say that our user community is continuously growing and that more than 95% of our clients choose to renew their upgrade and support agreements annually.