Ottobre 10, 2017


CATLOC is an ideal tool for calculating and predicting costs and revenues through the life cycle of a technical plant/system and for evaluating the economic impact that a decision may have on different types of costs.

CATLOC can receive the plant/system model developed inside OPUS10 and the support solutions resulting from calculation to provide the LCC forecast and the elementary cost elements.

CATLOC can also receive the results of mission simulation provided by SIMLOX and provide the mission economic prediction, both global and composing elements costs.

CATLOC is the necessary tool to complete the Analytical LCM analysis but it can also be used in a stand-alone configuration to be used for life cycle cost analysis, budgeting and planning, economic risk assessment, control of on-going projects, key performance index and factor evaluation. CATLOC can also be used as the cornerstone tool for plant/system environmental impact analysis LCECA (Life Cycle Environmental Cost Analysis).