Ottobre 10, 2017


OPUS10 – More than Spare Parts Optimization

To many customers, OPUS10 – one of the software tools in Opus Suite – is synonymous with cost effective spare parts optimization. With its realistic modeling of technology and support solution, rapid calculations, and results that reduce the spare part investment by 30% or more – while also increasing system availability – OPUS10 has become an industry standard in this field. But as you will find below, it has a lot more to offer.

OPUS10 is the ultimate tool to answer questions such as:

  • What spare parts assortment should I have in stock, and how should I allocate it to the different stock facilities?
  • When this component fails, should it be discarded or repaired?
  • Should it then be repaired locally or centrally?
  • What will the spare parts inventory cost?
  • How will efficiency and costs be affected if failure rates or lead times increase by 25 %?

While spare parts optimization is the core capability and the most common application, OPUS10 provides indispensable decision support in many other situations. For instance, when comparing alternative support solutions and making decisions about:

  • What should my support organization look like?
  • Should all or part of the maintenance be outsourced?
  • How many warehouses do I need, and where should they be located?
  • What is the most cost effective mode of transport?
  • How sensitive is my solution to disturbances?
  • How should support organization and spare parts inventory be adjusted during stepwise ramp up or phase-out?

… and even when evaluating different technical systems and questions such as:

  • What system design and configuration are optimal from a supportability perspective?
  • Can I improve the system design to increase performance and reduce the cost of ownership?
  • Which of these items is the most cost effective from a life cycle perspective?

Leading organizations and companies worldwide rely on OPUS10. Primarily in defense, transportation and energy sectors, though there are users in many other industries as well.


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