Ottobre 10, 2017


The SeTeL activities for the aerospace segment started in 1989 and are still continuing without interruption.

During these years, our company has been involved either in the most important national initiatives (starting from the San Marco project, then Cosmo SkyMed and Sicral, 1/1B satellites until the latest OPTSAT-3000 project) or in international projects such as Astrolink, Eumetsat, Envisat, Artemis, Iridium ed Inmarsat.

These activities and experiences allowed us to get in touch and collaborate with:

the most prestigious italian and international aerospace organizations, among them: ASI, ESA, Ministry of Defence, Department of Aerospace Engineering of La Sapienza University, etc;

some among the most important aerospace industries such as: Alenia Spazio, Elettronica, Selex Communications, Selex ES, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space, Vitroselenia/Vitrociset, etc.

The role performed by SeTeL in the development of the aerospace projects has involve various multidisciplinary activities, e.g.:

design, development and updating of interactive technical publication (system, operational and maintenance technical manuals, in S1000D international standard too);

design, development and delivery of training processes (theoretical, hands-on and Computer Based Training) for system manager, technicians, operators and maintainers;

design, development and updating of procedures, such as: operational, functional test, In Orbit Test (IOT), Assembly Integration Test (AIT) and Assembly Integration Verification (AIV);

Reliability, Maintainability and FMECA analysis;

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA);

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS);

Design of Logistics Infrastructures.


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