Ottobre 10, 2017


The Defence scenario is the “historic” market segment of the SeTeL towards which the company has realized its first projects. In the early seventies, in fact, the SeTeL qualified as a specialized supplier in the drafting and development of technical documentation to support systems and technological devices for the Defense, produced by the Selenia S.p.A.

In particular, the first activity acquired by SeTeL was the design and development of maintenance and operative Technical Manuals for Italian Navy Radar systems.

It is therefore since 1973 that our company works uninterruptedly in the naval context. During these years we have carried out developed ILS consultancy, development of Technical Publications, theoretical and hands-on Training Courses and Computer Based Training applications for the navy of various nations; among them:

Algerian National Navy (ANN).

United Arab Emirates Navy.

Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN).

Royal Thai Navy (RTN).

Brazilian Navy.

Royal Saudi Naval Forces.

Other important projects developed by SeTeL, for the Defence field, was the following:

Development of the first application of SGML electronic documentation for the Italian Navy.

Collaboration in the constitution of the SGML User Group Italy which, in three years, has allowed the joint of over 40 companies and organization – operating in the Defence field – with the goal to define new methodologies in the development of complex documental data bases.

Between 1995 and 1998, development – for the Italian Ministry of Defence – of the first automated system, SGML based, for spare parts NATO codification.

Nowadays, the SeTeL can apply its skills and experiences in the different sectors of the Logistic Engineering on a different typologies of Defence complex systems regarding naval, terrestrial and aeronautic scenarios; e.g.:

Anti-missile and Anti-aircraft Missile Defence Systems.

Naval Combat Systems.

Naval Combat Management Systems.

Naval Artillery.

Whole Warship

Electronic Warfare Systems.

Command, Control & Communication (C3)

Radar Systems.

Anti-ship missiles systems.

Attack Helicopters.

NBC Systems.

Our technical-specialist staff (ILS Engineering, Trainers, Consultants, etc.) is able to operate all over the world at Shipyards, Arsenals, Air Bases, Defence Training Centers, etc.

The reliability of the SeTeL in the Defence scenario is guaranteed by the NATO Clearance, possessed by the company.