Ottobre 10, 2017


The experiences and skills of SeTeL in the transportation sector, specially concern the railway and local public transport contexts.

The whole ILS capabilities, gained by SeTeL in the ’70s and ‘80s for the Defense, Naval and Aerospace sectors, have allowed us to transfer this important thesaurus to the logistic engineering needs of the railway scenario, thus expanding our market on this strategic field.

Our activities started in 1991 when we developed, for the Italian Railways, various activities concerning:

Train the trainer, focused on the ability to design and develop interactive/multimedia instructional contents (CBT).

Design and development of instructional simulators for “Train Control System Supervisors”.

Design and development of SGML interactive technical publication platforms.

Since 1998 we are developing numerous activities for the railway industry; in this context our most important customers are Ansaldo STS Hitachi (ex Ansaldo Signal and Ansaldo STS) and AnsaldoBreda (today HRI – Hitachi Rail Italy).

From the Signaling & Train Control platforms until the Driverless Metro and Tram Systems, SeTeL is present with its specialists and technicians operating as ILS Consultants, Designers of Training Processes, Technical Trainer and Authors of instructional materials. These activities have been performed, until now, for almost 30 railway companies (including industries, and railway/metro transportation agencies) in 13 countries (Italy, Switzerland, England, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Tunisia, Libya, United States, Abu Dhabi, Norway, Taiwan).


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