Ottobre 6, 2017


In the Technology Based Training scenario, the SeTeL can develop for its Customers many advanced solutions/applications whose characteristics – in terms of multimediality, interactivity and cooperative learning – can give a real value added for the improvement of the total quality of the training activities within of Integrated Logistic Engineering Processes applied to complex systems.

The experiences and competences of SeTeL in the Technology Based Training started in 1985 with the development of the first CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) projects for training of operators and maintainers on defence systems. Over thirty years of activities allow us, today, to govern and manage the development process of any interactive training application, which foresees the following main phases:

Training need analysis.

Specification of the application to be developed (instructional, technical, organizational, etc.).

General instructional/communicational designing (objectives, courseware architecture, teaching strategies, learning and evaluation methodologies, etc.).

Detailed multimedia instructional designing (storyboarding).

Technical development of the interactive-multimedia contents (such as 2D/3D graphics, texts, animations, audio, video, simulations, etc.).

Software engineering of the application components (user interface, browsing system, courseware typology, delivery scenario, management solutions, etc.);

Final editing.

Quality Control.

Life Cycle management of the application, in terms of: Configuration management and Follow up

All the above working phases are codified in an industrial development process which is also managed by our Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015 certified.

SeTel designs and develops the following main Technology Based Training applications:

  • Computer Based Training (CBT);
  • Procedural simulators (operational and maintenance);
  • E-Learning applications (Web Based Training – WBT), SCORM® compliant, operating under Learning Management System (LMS) and in cooperative learning scenario.

All the above solutions can be integrated with technical publication materials developed as Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) S1000D compliant.

With respect to the training contents, the SeTeL can develop the requested Technology Based Training applications in a complete autonomous way – if the courseware disciplines are part of its consolidated expertise – or, otherwise, in cooperation with the Customer expert matters.

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In addition to the Technology Training Applications developable on specific Customer request, SeTeL has designed and engineered a specific tool allowing quickly production of CBT applications with the following main characteristics (already implemented and immediately available):

Interactive Navigation System.

Integrated End User Services Interface.

Multimedia Content Management.

SCORM & S1000D materials Integrated Platform.

This tool has another important feature, named “dual applications”; it allows both CBT Stand-alone & E-learning uses with a unique development technology. This means that the courseware can be used in single workstation (as CBT) or installed in a LMS application SCORM® compliant in a web based cooperative learning scenario.

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