Ottobre 9, 2017


In the last 25 years, SeTeL have implemented a policy oriented to Research and Innovation.

As for total expenditure on R&D&I, in the last 5 years, the company’s average annual investment in R&D activities is around 4-5% of total corporate turnover, growing in recent years.


Since 2000, SeTeL has undertaken in-depth relationships (in part described in the attached document) with the following academic, research and agency/agency entities:

Libera Università S.Pio V-Roma 

University of Calabria

Research Centre Transport and Logistics of the Faculty of Engineering La Sapienza

Laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Measures of the Faculty of Engineering of Roma 3

Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies La Sapienza

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace La Sapienza Chair of Aerospace Propulsion

Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM) of CNR

University of Cassino

ASI (Italian Space Agency)

ENEA (Technology Transfer Unit) for T3GOV Project – territorial Technology Transfer Governance

Link Campus University

Science of Materials of TorVergata University in Rome

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