Ottobre 6, 2017

Analytical LCM

Any organization who plans to use a complex plant/system have also to afford a cost-effective management objective for the whole life cycle of the plant/system. This objective requires compliant analysis methods and tools.

SeTeL srl, as VAR for Italy of the Systecon Sweden company, suggests the Analytical LCM based upon the Opus_Suite which allows to correlate three main criteria: Strategy Management, Information Management, Analytical Analysis. This means that decisions are based on a prediction of a future outcome quantified in terms of operational readiness and life cycle cost in the system life cycle cost perspective.

The Opus_Suite platform is a valid processing and decision support environment. Opus_Suite requires to set up a strategy to afford the problem at different levels (generation of coherent and balanced requirements, performance and cost objectives), and to conduct a proper management of the information (data collection, data filtering and aggregation, data maintenance).

SeTeL srl and Systecon Sweden are thence available to provide the necessary training about the use of the tools composing the Opus_Suite platform and for consultancy support to setup the best cost-effective life cycle management compliant with the plant/system characteristics, with the Opus_Suite platform, with the operative environment, and the mission profile.