Ottobre 10, 2017

ILS Information Technology

  • Recovery of Technical Publications, developed with obsolete technologies and standard, converting them in S1000D standard.
  • Conversion of S1000D 2.x Data Modules in 4.x version.
  • Automatic generation, using our ICT publication platform, of Power Point® training materials and/or Learning Objects SCORM®
  • Supply of ICT software products and solutions for supporting all the development phases of technical publication (TPS Suite).
  • Interface with the Logistic Data Base  (dump file 1388-2B or S3000L format) and generation of both the Information Set based on the logistic tree and the Data Modules «Template» (S1000D ver. 2.3 – 4.1) where all the “Idstatus” information are preloaded, and in particular for the procedural Data Modules also the logistic data are preloaded too (“preliminary requirements” section).
  • Automatic Generation of the pre-compiled Data Module «MS WORD Templates» in order to simplify the writing of Data Modules to authors who have no S1000D and XML skills.
  • Generation of the Training Documentation (PPT format), starting from S1000D Data Modules, by the proper stylesheets customized on request, for browsing through Power Point.
  • Generation of the Training Modules (SCORM compliant), starting from S1000D Data Modules, ready for off-line fruition by means of suitable Browser (TPS SCORM Player for example).


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