Ottobre 10, 2017


The Integrated Logistic Support, despite of ancient origins, bases its modern discipline on the experience of the Second World War and the subsequent evolution of Civil Aviation. In the 1980s, the growing of the systems complexity and the increasing and rapid technological obsolescence, started the Computer Aided Logistic Support (CALS) in the United States, which is the basis of modern Infologistics.

CALS identifies in the informatics the answer to the ever increasing amount of data necessary for the optimization of logistical support and MIL-STD1388 and MIL-M -28001 standards respectively exploit the emerging technologies of relational databases and document qualification through “tags” (DBMS-SQL and SGML).

SeTeL has developed its skills since 1984 with the first logistic databases and since 1992 has brought the SGML language to Italy. Since then and for the last 35 years, it has continued to develop skills, even through university teaching, and today it completely covers all the segments of the Infologistics scenario.

The path is the one symbolized in our logo, depicting:

an iterative process of problem theoretical analysis, the development of the IT application and its use as a service; first for internal use and then, once tested, toward the external market.

At present SeTeL can satisfy any requirement in the infologistic sector by integrating any already consolidated products but continuously looking for new solutions.