Ottobre 6, 2017

System Engineering

In the System Engineering scenario, as result of over forty years of experience in this complex market, the SeTeL can propose (both for defence field and for the civil one) an extremely articulate and competitive offering.

By means of a codified and quality controlled design and development process, SeTeL can provide the Customers with specific solutions/consulting/services regarding – as a general objective to reach – the maintaining of the expected level of Dependability of a complex system during its whole life cycle.

The concept of the Dependability can be considered as an integration of three main aspects: Operational Availability, Safety and Security; all of them have to be treated in the development of the activities to be carried out to obtain the Dependability goal. Based on these considerations, the SeTeL main achievable activities are:

Configuration Management and Configuration Control.

RAMT/S Analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Testability/Safety).

FMEA – FMECA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis, and Criticality Analysis).

FTA (Fault Tree Analysis).

RCFA (Root Cause Failure Analysis).

Risk Analysis.

Human factor Analysis.

Diagnostic Measure and Control.

Consulting in the study, acquisition and application of regulations and international standards related to the logistic engineering field (MIL-STD-1388-1A/2B, S3000L, CALS, AECMA, DEF-STAN-0060, NATO Codification, etc.).


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