Ottobre 6, 2017

Technical Publications

The analysis, design, development and quality control of the technical publications have always been one of the most important assets of our company. Since 1973, the SeTeL has gained many experiences and skills in this specific field of the Integrated Logistic Engineering, developing hundreds of thousands of pages as irreplaceable job support for managers, operators, maintainers and engineers of complex systems.

During over 47 years of activities, our technical authors and writers have developed different typologies of technical documentation, e.g.:

Multilevel Maintenance Manuals

Operation Manuals

Operator’s Guide

Operators Pocket Handbooks

Illustrated Parts Catalogues

Instructor’s Guide

Student Guide

The technical contents treated in these editorial products regards complex systems in the Defence, Telecommunication, Transportation, Aerospace, Avionics, ICT and Technical Regulation scenarios. Furthermore, the Technical Publication field has been always for SeTeL a scenario where carry out studies and research & development activities regarding, in particular, the sectors of:

International Publication Standards (with deep competences in the MIL-DEF-ASD Standards)

ICT and SW solutions supporting the design and the development of Technical Manuals

In the first field, the SeTeL has over 35 years of experiences in the development of technical publications conformant with the most important international standards, such as: S1000D, AECMA 2000M, ATA 100, NAV 70, TER G-001, AER.P, etc.

With respect to the R&D activities, it is certainly worth noting that SeTeL is the company which introduced in Italy, for the first time, the SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) technologies for developing structured technical publications. In this context:

we developed, in 1994, the first SGML Technical Manual for the Italian Navy;

we founded, in 1994, the Italy SGML User Group, which in three years has allowed the grouping of over 40 companies and defense organizations, engaged in the development of new methodologies in the creation and management of complex document bases;

we designed and organized in Rome, in 1995, the first Italian SGML Seminar named:

“SGML, the new way to think, design and develop the Technical Documentation”

This initiative was inserted in a study workshop addressed to the following argument: Technical Documentation in the CALS environment: Logistic, Training, Maintenance and Quality aspects.

In these last 25 years, SeTeL has continued a deep research and developed activities specially concerning the design and development of high-end software applications (either as customized solutions or as a real ICT products) covering the following main aspects:

Files and Interactive Documents Converters

S1000D Data Module Validators

Support on the whole documentation design, development and quality control process

Customized Viewers and Browsers (for 2D and 3D graphics too)

Mobile delivery of Interactive Electronic Technical Publications

Documental CSDB

Integration between S1000D Publications and SCORM® instructional materials

Nowadays, the SeTeL Technical Publication Department can perform, among others, the following activities:

Design and development of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and Publications (IETM-IETP) compliant with the S1000D Standard from version 2.1 to 4.1.

Development of publication production activities on Guidance and BREX (generated by the Client or designed and supplied directly by SeTeL).

“Turnkey” development of multimedia contents (Operational and Maintenance Technical Manuals, Operational Guide, Illustrated Parts Catalogue, etc.) on multidisciplinary technical contexts using the Raildex Guidance too.

The SeTeL technical staff for the design and development of technical publications is composed by senior project managers and technicians with many experiences not only as authors/writers, but as technical trainers too; in this way a complete skill and knowledge on the treated complex systems are ensured.

SeTeL can develop technical manuals and publications with the maximum level of NATO secrecy levels; for this reason all the development ambient/tools of the company are treated as “Restricted Area”.

All the design and development activities are performed by SeTeL under ISO9001:2015 certification.


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